mandag 25. november 2013


What is it about humans that makes us wanna be like everyone else..? This really bothers me, alot.
Although I know I'm exactly like this as well. I guess I'm just one of those people who don't like the attention. But I've figured out that attention is something you need to get feedbacks, which is an absolute must to learn and develop as a human being.

I don't like attention. And i absolutely hate feedbacks.
I don't have a problem speaking in class, and i don't have stage-fright. It's just that I avoid things like this if I don't have to do it. Why put myself into an unpleasant situation if it's not necessary?

I don't like challenges. Cause I hate to make mistakes. But then again, this is also one of those things you gotta do to learn and develop.

I wanna learn, and I wanna develop. So I'm gonna suck it up. I'm not gonna try to be different, i'm just gonna be me, cause that is different enough from everyone else.

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