torsdag 26. desember 2013

Heart in padlock


Had a project about Amnesty's new campaign, love is a human-right, in psycology class a couple weeks ago. We were ment to make up something creative, that contained something you could relate with love and human-rights.  My group picked out an older photo taken by me, two years ago in Latvia. We also wrote a homemade poem.

Our theme was homosexuality. The poem belongs to the photo and describes people with difficulties caused by their sexual orientation, which still is a problem in several countries over the world. I was actually surprised when I heard some of the countries that still discriminate human beings with another sexual orientation. Lithuania for expample. Thats actually one of the reasons why I picked this photo for our school-project, because it was taken i Latvia -not far away from Lithuania. 

Btw, if you look closer at the photo, behind the red heart-padlock. there is a golden padlock with four numbers on it -2011. I think its fits perfect, it tells us that discrimination still happens, even in the year of 2011 and up above.

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